Michael M. Drebing, Netzwerk Sektenausstieg e.V., Germany

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mental Violation



The Devil uses the nations and rulers of the earth to attack the New World Society.

Most of mankind will be on Devil’s side. Jehovah’s anger comes up into his face. The day of Jehovah’s anger arrives.

Jehovah gives Christ the King the command to destroy the Devil’s wicked world. How? With every kind of terror.


The Bible tells us what some of these terrors will be. Says Jehovah: “I will rain upon the Devil, and upon his hordes, and upon the many peoples that are with him, an overflowing shower, and great hailstones, fire and brimstone.”

Great will be the terror at Armageddon. Every kind of terror will be used to destroy the evil world – cloudbursts, lashing rains, overflowing floods, earthquakes, giant hailstones and a rain of fire.

There will be terror on the land, terror in the sea and terror in the air. With shocking surprise Armageddon will catch all those persons outside the New World society.

Telling us of the terror of the people at Armageddon, the Bible says:

“The day of Jehovah is at hand; as destruction from the Allmighty shall it come. Therefore shall all hand be feeble, and every heart of man shall melt: and they shall be dismayed; pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman in travail: they shall look in amazement one at another; their faces shall be faces of flame.”

Soul-chilling terror will spread through the masses of people so that they will lose control of themselves; they will begin killing one another.

Then every man’s sword shall be against his brother. But their selfish fight to live will be all in vain.

Those who escape being killed by their neighbors will be destroyed by God’s heavenly armies. Christ’s angels will smite all the opposers of God’s kingdom and his kingdom witnesses with a terrible destruction.

 A flesh-eating plague will destroy many. Says Jehovah:

“Their flesh shall rot while they are still on their feet, their eyes shall rot in their sockets and their tongues shall rot in their mouth.”

Eaten up will be the tongues of those who scoffed and laughed at the warning of Armageddon!

Eaten up will be the eyes of those who refused to see the sign of the time of the end!

Eaten up will be the flesh of those who would not learn that the living and true God is named Jehovah!

Eaten up while they stand on their feet!

Dead bodies will be everywhere – from end to end of the earth.

Who will live through Armageddon? Only those who obey the Bible command to seek Jehovah. To all surviving flesh the dead bodies will be disgusting, hateful things. Worms will not stop swarming over the millions of bodies until the last body is eaten up. For no other reason will the bones be buried but to cleanse the land.

This was one of Jehovas' Witnesses' leading doctrines, taught to me as a four year old boy. The quotation was taken from the book „From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained". At that time I imagined, how my neighborhood, schoolmates, really all people of my hometown, will burn and die in awful pain from burning sulphurrain and hail showers.

So that’s why I asked myself (frightened) a 4 year old child: "Does Jehovah see and accept, that I always did all of my best to honour him, so that I would not share his bowl of wrath with those people?"

"From Paradise lost to Paradise regained" was issued in 1958, nearly more than 50 years ago. Today, in 2009, I enquire, is it fair to call this again a kind of lasting mental violation? Shouldn't there be a significant change during the last 51 years?


Before I start to answer those questions I'd like to introduce myself.

As you can see, in 1981 I got babtized. This wasn't reasonably based on my beliefs in god or jesus. It was based in showing my loyalty to the party line to escape my parents control.

...and it worked as well as I wanted it to work.


To show you, how mental violence among JW's works, I want to explain 4 fields of JW's doctrines.



1. Satan’s Death-Dealing Air

As you can see, Satan the diabolic mastermind of evil whirls around our earth. What does this exactly mean to a JW? And how can this picture be connected with Mental violation?

The Watchtower, JW's leading publication, June 15th 2003 page 30, will give us the answer. Headlinig „Does Satan the Devil have the ability to read the human mind?" we can read the following sentences:

 Satan has had centuries to study human behavior. He does not need to be able to read minds to discern what patterns of behavior we set, to observe what entertainment we pursue, or to listen to what things we talk about, and so forth. Our facial expressions and posture may also give clues as to what we are thinking or feeling.

The devil and his demonic legions are watching us everywhere at any time. This is, what small children are taught forcefully. A special textbook for nurseryschool kids shows us the connection between sex education and demonic influence:

Today some young boys and girls have sex relations, but this is wrong for them. The Bible talks about the male “genital organ,” or penis. The female genital parts are called the vulva. Jehovah created these parts of the body for a special purpose that should be enjoyed only by married people. It makes the demons happy when people do things that are forbidden by Jehovah. For example, the demons like it when a boy and a girl play with each other’s penis or vulva. We don’t want to make the demons happy, do we?

So, after reading this, there is no doubt about , that people, raised in such cults, couldn't have a normal relationship to their own sexuality.

It doesn't matter if you`re a grownup or a nurseryschool-kid, the message intention is brutal and violent: Watch your thoughts. Watch yourself how you act. Control yourself, control your expression (including your look at other people) control your body language. Beware of organized human society that exists apart from Jehovah’s Witnesses, or you will be Satan’s prey.

And so we are led to Jehovah's righteous war.

Tere is only one way to survive, one way to escape from Jehovah's righteous war: Mind Control!

Only a few words about Behaviour Control and restriction of leisure: What a JW has to do ist:


All together, you have an additional time of 3.5 hours per day at least. If you imagine, you are a 9 to five fulltime employee, so you will clearly see, that there is no free space left for individual interests, nor critical thoughts on JW-doctrines. You are unabled to form an independent character which is able to reflect on things, ideas or doctrines. This is what mental violation really means.

Lets also have a look on Emotional Control. I want to show you some pictures taken from JW-literature; and I want you to bear in mind, how Steve Hassan describes the characteristica of Emotional Control:

• Manipulate and narrow the range of a person’s feelings
• Excessive use of guilt
• Excessive use of fear
• Phobia indoctrination: inculcating irrational fears

Look Here:

Where would you like to be now? Did you do anything possible for it? Did you do anything in your power for it?



This is, in my humble opinion, one of the most perverted pictures ever.

Watch the look of the persons close to you.

You see the hollow fassades in the back? - I hope you can see what`s happening there - people are burning alive.

You can hear them cry.

Probably they are crying out their pain.

Probably it smells... like burning meat...

and now take a look at the surviving JW faces...



Yeah! Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? No?

So look, you are the person in front of this picture!

I think I’m the guy in the centre. Cause I’m an extremely evil guy. I’m an apostate.

So I think, I will get killed twice: by rain of fire as well as being swallowed up by the opened earth, just like this man...



 I already told you about Satan’s polluted air, you remember? And do you know, why it is so important that you STRICTLY avoid this air?

Look here! Those motivated by Satan’s polluted “air” must suffer the execution of Jehovah’s righteous judgments.




And now another masterpiece of Emotional Control, because it is necessary to implant corresponding fears into childrens hearts.

This book is especially for children and asks them: „We want to be among those whom God will keep alive, don’t we?”


The third important aspect I want to talk about is the so called JW-blood-conduct, which means the bible based attitude of JW in refusing blood transfusions.

As you may know, JW's disapprove blood transfusions. This attitude doesn't change since 1998.

1998 is so important, because JW's agreed to an arrangement with the Bulgarian Government, assisted by the European Court of Human Rights that guarantees no disfellowship to JW's after retaining a blood transfusion. But... why does JW´s worldwide attitude in refusing blood transfusions not change after agreeing this compromise?

The reason is the imperceptible change of JW´s doctrines on this during the following months. Before 1998, a JW accepting blood transfusions, was disfellowshipped by a JW internal court proceeding based on JW's internal laws. From 1998 the receiving of a blood transfusion is equal to leaving JW's organisation voluntarily. That means, that there is no more need for an internal court proceeding. So the arrangement is fulfilled to the letter, but JW´s internal doctrines and laws are not touched because, the consequences are the same.


It doesn't matter if you're disfellowshipped or leaving JW´s voluntarily... You are an apostate who's sentenced to social, psychic and physical death by Jehovah, a reason for refusing a salute to apostates so... everyone who leaves voluntarily has to face the same consequences as an apostate.


But let`s talk about blood transfusion again. Years ago JW's established the HOSPITAL LIAISON COMMITTEE. So, what is the meaning and main duty of HLC? The answer should be subdivided into an official and an inofficial mission.

Fullfilling the official part of HLC's main duty means supporting JW's search for hospitals and doctors prepaired or willing for bloodless treatments. On the other hand, there are very often reports about HLC-members guarding JW-patients or their relatives , to prevent blood transfusions. Do you believe that permanent supervisioning guarantees free decisions? Following the reports there is also an important exertion of influence on doctors, nurses and the patient too, by the members of HLC.

Under these circumstances the following citation of the JW-yearbook 2002 sounds like scorn:

Jehovah’s Witnesses are grateful to … skilled and dedicated doctors, who sometimes have to struggle with their own conscience yet have the courage and integrity to respect their patients’ right to choose not to take blood.

Patients' rights are a precious commodity, no doubt about that. But when will we read the following sentences:

We all are grateful to such skilled and dedicated members of the HLC, who sometimes have to struggle with their own conscience yet have the courage and integrity to respect the believers’ right to choose the best treatment available?

Another significant effect of Mental Violence is the way of inconsideratly treating apostates by JW's. There is no difference between a teenager couple caught by kissing or being an elder JW's member that becomes critical on JW-doctrines... both where taken to JW´s judical committee.


This picture is taken from JW`s theological leading magazine, The Watchtower. Please have a look at the young womans body language, how she stands there.

Maybe she has spent a night with a platonic friend at hiss flat, now she is under suspicion. She is insinuated to have had sex with him.


If they where alone that night; if there are no wittnesses, prima facie evidence is enough: guilty.

Nevertheless the elders , right and left to the victim, try to get a detailed admission

"Please tell us precisely what happened that night!"

"Did you see his penis?"

"Did he touch you?"

"Where did he touch you?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Did he have an ejaculation?"

Those Questions are only a few of a huge pool of questions a JW under suspicion has to await. This kind of intimate questioning will also be used to a 15 year old girl if its under suspicion by the elders. This severe kind of pain-staking questioning is followed by divinely ordained punishment:

Disfellowshipping! What does this mean to a JW? A JW is expected to found his friendships only inside the JW-organization. If he's disfellowshipped, he is confronted with a dilemma: The world "outside" is unknown, there are no friends, no close friends, the people "inside" are forbidden to talk to him, they are forbidden to salute him, if they meet - for example - at the grocery-store.

"Keep Yourselves in God’s Love", which has been issued in 2008, states:

We do not have spiritual or social fellowship with disfellowshipped one. A simple ‘Hello’ to someone can be the first step that develops into a conversation and maybe even a friendship. Would we want to take that first step with a disfellowshiped person? Is strict avoidance really necessary? Yes. Loyal Christian family members do not look for excuses to have dealings with a disfellowshipped relative not living at home. Rather, loyalty to Jehovah and his organization moves them to uphold the Scriptural arrangement of disfellowshipping.

That means, a JW-apostate has to live in completely social isolation.

This is what I call emotional blackmailing.




 Many of the apostates can`t face that kind of pressure, they surrender... like rependent sinners they creep back in to the arms of the JW-organization.

But what happened to people facing that kind of pressure, not willing to surrender?