If we have considered it essential to come and speak to you about this, it is because we  realised that, true to their manner of being, masters in the art of manipulating, these organisations and people have learnt to use the platform that the OSCE, on the occasion of its annual conference, has created for true victims of the breach of human rights and that they dare come forward and present themselves as victims of religious discrimination, persecuted by governments, thus completely inversing the reality of facts.


The vocation of FECRIS is information and research, and our associations exclusively occupy themselves with the help for victims of totalitarian cultic movements, and contrary to that which was said here yesterday, they do not practise any type of witch hunting.


Several associations and individuals, working within FECRIS, have been defamed.


These false allegations are the illustration of cultic manipulation, and we consider that those who attack us commit themselves against the freedom of expression.


Cultic groups undermine human rights and fundamental freedoms by plunging and maintaining individuals under their influence, pushing them to carry out acts or abstain from acting in a way seriously prejudicial for them.


Here we are speaking of those groups whose behaviour constitutes a true challenge to human rights since they have take refuge behind one of these rights – freedom of religion – better to flout all other rights.


It is a real battle that we are talking about: the interests of these groups, often unclear for those who have not completely understood their operating mode, motivate these actions, scandalous from the victims’ point of view, but coherent for the organisation seeking a freeway to confirm its domination.

These groups very quickly understood that they had to use international institutions like yours, shamelessly placing themselves on the same footing as those who legitimately come to ask for your support and who I greet with respect. Sometimes advancing openly, sometimes masked, these groups seek respectability by the taking part in humanitarian activities or by supporting great causes but their final objective remains to recruit new followers and to create confusion among those who know them only through these misleading activities. 


We who represent the victims of these groups, the men, the women, the destroyed families, we ask the governments not to yield to pressures and intimidation by these organisations. We ask them to take into account their victims and to help them as well as those who accompany them, to apply with necessary vigour the laws which really protect the indefeasible rights of humans to live free and in dignity.


We ask YOU not to let yourselves be misled by the double language of those who come here with, as only objective, to appear in the acts of your work; so as to better delude their victims present and future, by using your renown to recommend themselves and also to try and block the action of national authorities aimed at sanctioning the illegal, immoral behaviour and practices of these groups, only to find their national reputation smeared before the international community.


Let us not back the wrong horse, do not be mislead into backing the wrong victims. The noisiest, the busiest are generally not the true victims and it’s an insult to the majority of those who are really concerned and who suffer from the intolerance and totalitarianisms of all kinds to put them all in the same bag.